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The sensorial analysis of allowances is an evaluation by means of the senses.


In this article we will see like they influence our senses (seen, olfaction, tact, pleasure), in the study and determination of some qualities like they are it texture, flavor, color, aroma, of the allowances that you/they are wanted to take out with success to the market, or either for improvement of quality a product already existent in the market.


In the sensorial analysis the fundamental paper and the decisions take them the judges who in general are trained people and qualified, with a great development of perception in their senses. The judges, they dog be classified in experts, trained and semientrenados; according to the demands of the sensorial tests of each product willing to the analysis.


The sensorial tests are the samples to those that each one of the judges debit side to make their respective one" it tastes"; these are divided in two: you prove affective and you prove discriminative. These tests should be carried out in a laboratory of appropriate analysis with good illumination, ventilation and endowed with all the necessary elements for each test; it should also be kept in mind the number of judges a good space for the deliberation of the panel, where they will meet the judges and the orientated to discuss the obtained answers of this tests and to give to know the result from the analysis of this product to their respective company.